Object ‘C Code Module’


This object is for integrating C-code modules into a CODESYS project. You define the necessary configuration parameters on the tabs of the object.

The object C Code Module is added to the application in the device tree. Together with the object, CODESYS automatically appends the folders Extensions, IEC Interface and Source Files.

  1. C Code Module
  2. Extensions
  3. IEC interface
  4. Source files

You can add the following objects to a C Code Module:

Tab ‘Includes & Defines’

Include paths
Path Display of the include paths
Add Opens the dialog box Find folder for adding an additional include path.
Remove Removes the selected include path
Defines List of the defines

Tab ‘Libraries’

Library paths  
Path List of the library paths
Add Adds a new library path
Remove Deletes the selected library path
Libraries List of the libraries

Tab ‘Components’


2 Component windows

The left-hand window displays all available runtime system components.

The right-hand window displays the runtime system components that you have added to this window using the Add button in order to be able to use their functions in C-source code files from externally implemented libraries.

Add Moves the runtime system component selected in the left-hand Component window into the right-hand Component window.
Remove Removes the runtime system component selected in the right-hand window and displays it in the left-hand window again.
Function List of the functions that are provided by the selected runtime system component.

Dialog box ‘Add C Code Module’

Source folder

Input field for folders containing the C-source code files

: opens the dialog box Search Folder

Monitor folder for source changes : CODESYS monitors whether the original directory of the project on the hard disk changes and, in such a case, it opens a dialog box in which you can consent to the updating of the files in CODESYS.

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